Desperate Depression

Get out of here

Get out of here Hyde

You’re not welcome here

Please leave from inside

I am getting better

Don’t make me relapse

Don’t feel me with terror

Don’t push me back

I’m getting desperate

I’m getting scared

Because you’re my desolate

And I’m unprepared

I will do anything to rid you

Because I can’t go back to blue

I will do anything and everything

To stop you existing and persisting

I will double my dose

On my medication

I will even shamefully engross

On self-deprecation

I will go back to the hospital

I will go back to the doctors

I will do whatever is possible

To avoid your slaughter

You have stolen so much from me

I have so little left

You are destroying me mentally

So I struggle to detest

I smoke and drink

And do God knows what

To get away from you

But you invoke and sting

And I’m completely lost

To your vile hue

I cannot hide and I cannot run

I cannot confide or tell anyone

They call it self-mutilate

They call it self-harm

And I can’t escape

The scar on my arm

Because I’m desperate to kill you

I’m desperate to make you leave

But I cannot kill you

Without killing me

You’ve stolen my hopes and my dreams

You’ve stolen the glow inside of me

You’ve ruined my life

With your barbarous bite

You’ve taken love

You’ve taken happiness

You’ve turned me to dust

And left me with madness

You’ve taken precious time

That can never be replaced

You’ve taken the gentle shine

From my once happy face

I cannot feel the joys in life

As all I do is fight

I cannot connect and help my family

I cannot protect and live happily

I cannot love another

Because I feel nothing

Except for your hunter

The one that is hunting

So please if anyone can hear me

If any God, soul is listening

I need your help

Please release me

From this cell of hell

Because I don’t want to live like this anymore

I want to get well

Instead of showing this smile of denial

I’m so close I can feel it

But it’s still so far I can’t see it

So Please Mother earth

Please God

Please universe

Please shine your rod

To alleviate this curse


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