Let’s Runaway

Let’s run lets go
Let’s run away together
Let’s travel the unknown
Let’s get out of here
Let’s pack our things and hit the road
Let’s explore the earth
And let’s grow
There’s no place for us here
So let’s shoot
We’ll leave the tears here
Let’s kick the boot
Let’s move forward
And jump borders
What have we got to lose
When we’ve nothing to choose
What we’re holding onto is crumbling
And soon it will stop us from functioning
So why stay somewhere
We’re not wanted
it just brings despair
It’s haunted
The road before is disappearing
And the thunder here is nearing
So let’s go and leave this shattered place
And reach out to a better space
We’ll get there won’t we?
Things will get better
And we’ll see?
So I’ll grab your hand
And we’ll escape
To somewhere grand
Where it will all be okay

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