Shackles Of Shame

Shackles of shame
From abhorrent blame
Just take a scape goat
To use for the hurtful frame
There is no place to hide
When the problems inside
It’s like howling to the whirlwind
As a way to confide
Depression is my nemesis
And medication is my friend
It’s the dark claws gentle kiss
That corrodes you to the end
Twisted opinions with a tainted truth
from a twisted light that brings no use
Who’s telling the truth who’s telling the lies
No one knows but I still break down and cry
I need to tell someone I need talk
I need a caring hi and a long walk
I need the suffering to stop
And the pain to go
I need to be found in the frost
Thats buried me in the snow
But the silence of shame
Keeps it locked away
The sound of my pain
Stays hidden for days
You cannot speak in a world
That doesn’t want you to be heard
You cannot speak to a world
That thinks it’s absurd
Trapped by my own silence
Trapped within my own shame
I’m scared and I’m frightened
And the Depressions hold
Is starting to tighten
Scarf on, stern face
As if I’m prepared for any case
What have I got to lose
I ask myself
I’ve already lost my soul and my mental health
So I’ll raise the dose again
Because nothing matters in the end
Just walk down Depressions bitter road
Where will I go
No one can really know
Surrounded by friends
Who view me as family
Loved by them
Who will help me gladly
But Depression takes away
That connection sadly
So it Keeps me alone
As I fight it gradually


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