Ours Thunder Truly

They say they’ll be there

They say they’ll care

But we know what they mean

When they said if you need someone

If you’re in need

And in despair


Its okay you can cry

There’s no judgment here

I know you want to die

It’s okay to state your fears

There’s no judgement here

Talking helps the head clear

It is a lonely road

When you’re fighting on your own

They say you’re so strong then walk away

Leaving you a lone

The breakdowns are hard I know

It’s just pain and despair

Broken down on the floor

Crying out to someone somewhere

But the hero we call for

Never shows up, is never there

And when you make the fragile attempt

To reach out

They dismiss you and tell you to give

Someone else a shout

No one comes to pick you up and cuddle you

The best you get is a shameful cheer up

Stop being so pathetic

Isn’t society corrupt?

Let me know if you’re okay

They might as well express the truth and say

Actually I just want you to go away

Bullshit I know

I resonate with your bitterness

I feel your rage

I feel your hurt

And I feel your pain

So let me give you a cuddle

Because I’m here okay?

It’s painful it’s hard

And I know you’ve had enough

When you’re forced to deal with things

No one should have to

And when you desperately want help

But don’t know how to

You shut people off

And you shut them out

Because the rejection

Is worse than your doubt

They can’t help it they’re just human

They don’t get what’s going on

They don’t understand it

They just say it’s wrong

But I can tell you who does understand

You, you’re experiencing this

And you are human

And deserve self-love and empathy

And people will come it will be alright

And we can set the ball rolling

To make things right

Let’s get you to a Counsellor

Let’s get you to a Doctor

Let’s get you some help

I can see you’ve lost faith in humanity

I can see it in your eyes

But let’s dismiss the rest and find the one

Because there are people who do understand

There are people who do care

In fact everyone cares

But depression stops that connection

It makes you feel like a burden

So let’s make a start

And make mental illness run


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