Personification Of Severe Depression, Failure Of Reaching Out

Well, well, well
What do we have here?
A broken Jenny I see
Oh dear oh dear
Did you end up in A and E again?
How sad
Did you try to make things end again?
Too bad
I’ve gotten a new title
Want to know what it is?
I’m not just Depression
I’m now life threatening Depression
Isn’t that great?
Look at your state
Oh if only someone just came over to hug you
Before it got this bad
Looks like they didn’t want to
And I’m glad
Look at what I’ve achieved this time
Look at all of your distress signs
I’ll give you some credit
You managed to hold me off for a week
You even tried to reach out
And look how many people came to your aid?
What a joke!
A week you’ve been asking
A week they’ve done nothing
Okay one person, oh yeah but he was hours away
And I made you push him astray
Can I please have a chat
Can I please have a cuddle
I’m not feeling okay
And they suggest go away
You’re pathetic
So forget it
What love and support
Do you really think you’d achieve?
What hope do you have
Other than to naively believe
Did you really think that in this day and age people would understand
Honey the only support you’ve got is fucking Citalopram!
I love it When you reach out
And get dismissed
Ask for support and they insist
That you ask someone else
You say please but they just persist
You see, people don’t see you as human anymore Jenny
You’re now simply mental illness
Why would anyone come and cuddle and support you
Why would they hug and talk to you
Like you were human
You’re hard work and a burden
You’re unwanted and you should have done us all a favour
And fucking died
If you need me I’ll be there
Just pop me a message
Just give me a call
Oh but when you needed them
They were no where
How sad no one came at all
Don’t you love family and friends
So welcome back, good to see you
I was dormant for months you were doing so well
So thank you world for giving you no support and hell
That’s right isolate yourself
That’s right let me ruin your health
I’m back and stronger
And you won’t be here longer
Because I love this state
Since people only care when it’s too late
Your sand is trickling through pretty fast
Now lets see how long you God damn fucking last


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