Blind fairy tale

Breaking apart

Told I’m the abuser

With no caring heart

Just a user

But I see my life

My family fall apart

There is no light

For a happy depart

Can no one see?

The psychotic games

Which are thrown at me

Walk into that house

Curtains draw shut

As your paranoid darkness

Is getting rough

Blame me for sure

I’ll take your shame

Into my future

Of course

Turn their heads my way

Lead them astray

Tell them that I’m the cause

For the darkened days

You need a psychiatrist

To help you deal with this

This anger you have

This hate you admit

The power games of wrath

You just keep adding to the list

In front of me is pain and horror

From watching you crumble

For control and honour

Your destruction spreads to me

Destroying me mentally further

A ruin of a human sits before me

Screaming abuse profusely

Friends try to talk to me

Friends try to comfort me

But they don’t understand

The dark side of life’s


No one can help you

No one can stop you

So fuck it I’ll do it

Not that I want to

Keep you from going too far

And creating more scares

Close family say I’m on my own for this battle

Another one saying they’re not strong enough

To deal with this rattle

So a grasp full of Citalopram in one hand

And the rest of my self in the other

You can’t control yourself

So you try to control others

To be the master

I’m told no games

Because this guy says he’s real

But he can’t see you’re ill

Thinks it’s me

Causing the grief

Fine take it out on me

Whatever helps you sleep really

Smiles all around friends want to party

But I’m just trying to pick myself up from the ground

Hardly living life largely

So play the victim

Play the martyr

And in one sitting

Make others’ lives harder

Telling little innocence

The horrors of your mind

Must be an inconvenience

When people start to find

The hiccups in your behaviour

From when you step out of line

But it’s okay

I’ll be the bad guy for today

Mental manipulation

Doesn’t last

Neither does what you psychotically say

People will see

As the truth always prevails

So I will carry on being genuine me

And wait for others eyes to inhale

The truth to your lies

Mr Hyde


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