If My Illnesses Could talk This Is What They Would Sound Like

Me: Okay I’m entering crisis

Depression: I want to kill myself

Me: we can’t do that we need to get better

Hypermobility Syndrome: I’m in so much pain can I please have some paracetamol

Depression: yes all of it!!!

Me: NO

Anxiety: I’m really scared I Really scared

Me: it’s okay I’m going to reach out

Depression: Don’t do that everyone hates you, no one wants to deal and be friends with that, you’re a pathetic piece of shit

Me: Okay I’ve reached out to 11 people and counting they can’t come help me

Depression: told you!!!

Irritable Bowell Syndrome: I’m going to go

Me: NO NO NO!!!

IBS: too late

Me: for fuck sake!!!

Depression: I’m in agony and I’m suffering!!!

HMS: Me too!!!

Me: let me just clean myself up first

Depression: No we’re staying in bed

Dissociation: Isn’t it great I can detach you from these guys to cope with them, I’m such a neat defence mechanism

Anxiety: Let’s just cry and cry and cry

Me: Come on guys!!! Work with me!!!

Illnesses: NO!!!

Me: Someone please come and fucking help me!!!

Illnesses: We’re ramping it up

Me: Okay I’m starting to shake really badly now, I’m going to eat something

Depression: I’m not hungry

HMS: I won’t digest it

IBS: No don’t if you do I will just get rid of it

Anxiety: I just want to be cuddled and told that I’m loved and it will be okay

Depression: That won’t happen

Me: I know I want support so bad

Depression: Starting the shutdown process

Me: No Please I beg you, please don’t!!!

Depression: done

Me: I can’t stop crying guys please stop

Illnesses: NO

Me: Let me go get help, let me find something, I beg you God, Mother Nature, the Universe, please release me from this

Depression: No one is coming

Me: I can’t do this anymore

*Ambulance sirens*


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