A Lyrical Experience In Crisis

This isn’t something
That I wanted to do
This isn’t something
I can easily say
But I’ve entered a desolate
And I’m getting desperate
With a fight that I just
Can’t win anyway
As my heart screams
And my head pounds
I just can’t breathe
Because of all the sound
It’s getting worse
The beast cut deep
With his Depressive curse
And now I can’t sleep
Because I’m sensing the hearse
Good God just hear me now
I can hear the Darkened dog
Trying to sniff me out
My life has gone to chaos
And my world has gone to mess
I’m buried in the frost
Without energy to detest
I’ve fought it off
For more than a week
But now I’m feeling lost
And my life is getting bleak
Reach out thats what they say
But I couldn’t reach out
In the correct way
So now I’ve entered
The final state
But people cottoned on
Just a moment too late
There’s no feeling
After shut down
They try to reach out
But I’m gone now
So please hear me
This my goodbye
Just a moment after this
And I’ll enter the abyss
So take my life
And give me freedom
It’s not right
But who needs a reason
So take that one last step
And leave all the rest
It’s been long
And I did my best
But now I’m to surrender
To an eternal rest


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