Just Tell Me What You Want

Just tell me what you want

And I will give in

I will surrender the lot

And submit within

I will give you whatever you want

Because I have nothing left

I am truly lost

And I cannot detest

You’ve taken everything

But what for

Because my life is dwindling

Inside your paw

If you want my soul

You can have it

You can take it all

Just grab it

You can take my life

That’s okay

Because I cannot fight

Your wave of grey

Ruin my friendships

At your will

Loving relationships

You can steal

I will surrender to you

You can have it all now

You’ve beaten me through

And succumbed me to the ground

I cannot connect

And I have nothing left

So just in pail my chest

And take the rest

Please just do what you will

Because I cannot picture my life

Being this ill

I surrender to you

I surrender to Depression

Because there’s nothing I can do

To end this oppression

For years I’ve battled

For years I’ve fought

For years you’ve rattled

For years you’ve fought

So take what you want now

I have nothing left

Because I can’t picture a happy life

After this mess


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