When We reached Out For The Stars

We live to love

And love to live

But it’s not enough

What you give


You could be perfect

In everyday

But whether you’re worth it

Is our price to pay


We worked

And reached

In search

For peace


But no clarity

Came our way

So do try hard

Because one day

What will be a laugh

But will be tomorrows scar


Get me out of crisis

Get me out of this state

Get me out Depressions mist

Please help me to escape


I am calling out

But in all the wrong ways

Because I’m filled with self-doubt

And the mental interplay


The sensation is so strong

The sensation is so intense

Why is this being prolonged?

Why is it pushing me to these lengths?


My chest is going to explode

And I’m in agony

My brain is about to implode

And release this tragedy

This intensity will push people away

Because I can’t hurt them

While I decay


So why not another

Why not the other

Just send the Depression over

So it can send me under


Clawing through its night

Under its enormous cluster

Of unfortunate fights

There won’t be love

There can’t be emotion

Because we’ve been through enough

To know its commotion


People want happiness

And good mental health

Not to deal with one’s madness

That we can’t help


So come on

Let it take its blow

Because people like me

Know one day

It will surface the ghost


We reached out for the stars

But fell to ruins

So let it scar

As we’re losing


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