Anthem Of Blue

Citaloprams Hush

Citaloprams quiet

Dismissing us

Through Depressions riot


Getting up everyday

To breathe Hells fire

Keep on trudging

Don’t stop Rushing


The motivation

Of our salvation

In honour of society’s exploitation


Keep it sane

Keep it simple

Or life will take you

And keep you little


Move to the rhythm

As we all fight the system

The ones that died

We will miss them

Remember them


Remember that they tried

To fight the illness

Confided in their mind

Looking for a sign

Looking for a hero


Waiting for a doctor

To shoot us with a steel based arrow

Through the invisible war

That people see as an eye sore


So lock us all away

To make it all okay

Because deep down we’re all scared

Deep down no one’s prepared


To reach for the summer that others seem to love

But the warmth for us just never seems enough

To exit our winter and its dark decay

Told in everyway

To take each day slowly

Told to hope and pray


So we brave a straight face

And continue working

As good as the others

Who are not hurting?


We shout the words

That people are too scared to say

Because honesty is the best policy

So they phrase


Looking at the others

Wondering if they suffer

The same way we do

Wondering if they’re trapped

In life’s painful hue


Watching Gods saviours

Also turn to the blue

They say the old fairy tale lie

That we’re all meant to be loved

That we’ll find someone to help us brave

The rough


But come on now that’s wrong

Depression took the happy insight

Now it’s all gone

So come pray with me

Come hope that one day we will see

The light at the end of the tunnel

That will heal our destiny


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