Onlooker To Your Illness

Life each day

Gets a little heavier

Looking for a way

That shows it won’t last forever


If you’ve felt it

Felt the grey

You know the horror

Of not being okay


Depression has no mercy

And mental illness likes its rein

Society thinks the cure is shame

So we take the blame

And let the stigmas stain


Since silence is safety

But the silence traps us daily

There’s no escape

When the trauma attacks you

But still we fight

And stretch through


Run guys

Run Friends

Run families

Run to the bitter end

Because we need to escape

From this desperate state

But simple on lookers

Don’t see

The hurricane war

That brews inside me


To keep others at ease

You start saying your needs

Are pleased

But the next day they find you in hospital

Wondering how this can even be possible


But these days


They will say


That they didn’t speak

To not push people away

But over the course

They’re slowly surrendering to the grey

So come back to us

Those who care but don’t know

Those who were there know the road


Each day you see their pain

With a gentle sigh

Because you know

Saying outload will cause despise

So we sit here and pray

Hoping one day they’ll be given back

From the hosting grey


Each day a little more of them disappears

Each day you wish for the mental clear

Bring them back

Give us back our friends

Watching them strain from the pain

That sends them insane

And all we can do is look

And hope for a change


We reach out

We help

We ask them if they’re about

To watch their mental health

Try to visit and ring

In desperate hope they’re still existing


But they can’t feel

What they believe is real

That no one cares

No matter how much we’re there


They’re our world

Our smiles

And we work hard

To make it worth while


Wishfully thinking

Please don’t deteriorate

Please don’t die

Please don’t let the desolate

Take you to the sky


So please come back to us

Watching you suffer

And turn to dust

I would destroy mental illness if I could

And give us back you

Back to the way it should

Out of the clutches of the grey hue


So Run Friends

Run family

Run everyone to the bitter end

As long as we run with you

I’ll hold your hand until you ascend


Keep you close

Worrying persistently

You’re not about to jump off a cliff

At a seaside coast


Still there even when you’re at your most difficult

Because I’d rather you here

Then dead because you gave up and did the unthinkable


I don’t care what you do

As long I can see you

One day smile

Because you pulled through


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