Our Howls

As we howl

They prowl us down


We’re in this state

Where we anticipate

And contemplate

Whether it’s too late

To take that final step

In fate


We look towards

What the wolf bit away

As love corrodes

With our bitter decay

And our scars get larger

And the pain gets harder

And our howls get louder

We feel ourselves

Start to fade


Deeper in our black hollow selves

Dressed in shells of colours

And life’s


We try to reach out to love

That slips through our hands

Upon touch


So we howl

And howl louder

In hope for a God

With power

Can aid us lot

In this dark hour


But those who care

Try to reach out to us

While we’re all scared

In case we dare

To walk up heavens stairs


So we howl

With the black dog

And we howl

While it covers

Us in its intensive fog

And we howl

And we howl

And we howl


Desperate to get back

What we lost to our

Darkened wolf friend


But we breathe with those

Desperate to help us

And we grieve those

Which Depression turned to dust


Trying to connect

With those who haven’t given up on us

Trying to rid the blackness

Without hurting others

In the process


So we howl

And we howl

And we all howl

As the howl burdens us

Drifting away

From life’s compass


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