Righteous Heart

Pain is the never game
That won’t last forever
So I won’t ever set my heart
On that white flag surrender
Forever fighting a world
That holds you back
But we keep fighting
To avoid hurling of track
We do the right thing in our hearts
Even if the right things end up in scars
Fell in love with someone
Who doesn’t feel the same way
So I encouraged her love for another
Who she lays with most days
It’s the most loving thing I can do
Even if the heartbreak
Is what I have to trudge through
Be the enemy
That’s what I am
Throw the abuse upon me
Not the ones I love at hand
Little innocence
Doesn’t deserve the hurt you give
So take it out on me
So they can be left to live
Being told to leave them
And runaway
But I can’t desert them
Like people did to me in those days
So I’ll take the hurt
And do the work
So the ones that can’t take it
Don’t have to embrace it
Being followed by illness
Down my road
But will forcefully deal with it
Until my body erodes
Make friends with my smile
That’s what people do
And as they stay for a while
They won’t have a clue
I’ll keep the pain and suffering
Tucked away
So they can never meet the darkened inner grey

So I’ll stay strong
And never give in
Because those who don’t
Stride on
Never win


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