Run From The Sun Seven: The Fighting

I walk into the Darkened forest
Where he slumbers
My eyes burning an internal red
From his fights that thunder
The trees are decaying
A metaphor of my brain
That he’s taking
I walk further in
There’s a large circle

Of trees that he resides in
Get out I voice
Get out now
You have no choice
He Rises and stretches
A black beast with sharpened
He rolls his head
And Looks to me
Red haunted eyes
Glaring to see


I will kill you
He whispers
I will kill you


I walk towards him
With a heart of fire
Breathing heavily
In Anger of desire
Good fucking luck
I spit with Anger
Good fucking luck
I shout louder


He elongates
His dark venomous arm
And grabs me by the throat
I gasp in frustrated alarm
As I begin to choke


Good luck he repeats
Good fucking luck?
He swings me around
And violently hurls me against the trees
And loud Breaking sound
Snaps inside of me

He howls as he attacks
And lunges at me
He scratches restlessly
And loud noises ripple
As each blow claws me

Broken and bleeding
I reach into my pocket
I grab my anti-depressant
And smash it across him


He backs away
As his face starts to burn
He backs away
As his face starts to turn


He roars
He thunders


I still lay on the floor
From the hours of brawl
Breathing and bleeding heavily
As my wounds begin to pour


How Dare you!!!

You are mine!!!

You are going to lose

Your time is mine!!!


I will give you despair

I will empty you hollow

I will sabotage your repair

I will place you in pits of sorrow


I will disconnect you

From everyone and everything

Until you have nowhere to go

And life becomes just one long painful sting


I will make life so unbearable

That nothing you will do will heal

I will make life so deplorable

That I will be all you feel


You are not wanted

You are not loved


You are vindictive

And people will soon have enough


God will turn his back on you

People will forget and leave you

Life will be miserable each day through

And no one will be able to help you


I will remind you everyday

Why you were disowned and left

I will remind you everyday

Why the person you’re in love with

Doesn’t want you, you mess!!!


You’re wrong I whisper shakily


I’m what? He states hesitantly


You’re wrong I speak painfully


I’ll show you who’s wrong


He goes to ruthlessly cut deep

But I get my medication

And take it quickly


Shackles of chains grab

His arms, his legs

His neck and head


He leans in

In frustration


With irritation


You’ll get me one day

I stutter

Just not today

He mutters


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