Society’s Shadows

It’s not here

That’s what we tell ourselves

To avoid the fears

Surrounding our mental health


Living a better life

With more hope

To walk in strides


But it’s not all light

And smiles

Some nights are just



In a state of good function

It’s easy to forget

The mental disruption

At its best


Following the right road

But our shadows

Still loom behind us


Carrying our painful moans

That scream out

From our distant past


A ticking time bomb

That’s what they say

But I don’t want to hurt no one

I don’t want my life

To go that way


Stay away

Listen to the stigmas

Don’t mix with the grey


Don’t get to know

They’ll only make you low


They’re dangerous

They’re abusive

They’re treacherous

To be with


They’re right

In prior

As this fight

Spreads like fire


But can’t we be more than that?

Is their other aspects

One could look at?


Do I need to be afraid of this?

Do people only see my abyss?


Is the mental chaos

All that should be seen

I’d like to think there is more to me

Than what’s in-between


It’s not all the time

I promise

Its shows it self

Every now and then



The fear is strong in others

So we put ourselves through


To make it plunder



Stretching and pulling

At our brain systems

Stripping and pushing


Higher the dose

Grind through the chaos

The painful change in


Enough to bring us to our knees

And plead for salvation


The sensation isn’t great

Remember your changing the chemicals

In your brain to adjust your mental state


Changing meds

Changing therapists

Changing mental states

Changing everything


We learn to deal with internal screaming

And our bodies fighting against us

We learn to deal with life’s beating

And we learn to function at last


Functioning and stable

That’s what society wanted

So now it’s on the table


A long journey

A long fight

A lot of worry

So we stay out of sight


But when things get better

And things get lighter

When things start to get easier

And life gets a little breezier


When we learn to fit

The way society wants us

To fit


There still seems to be shadows

That haunt us

People don’t forget

Our unfortunate distress


Little reminders everywhere

That there’s something wrong with us

Little reminders everywhere

That no matter what

Our shadows will haunt us


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