It’s Like Letting Go

Another year

Here comes the frost

While families cheer

Others become lost


Dreary blue

And hectic grey

Just rolling through

These darkened days


It’s like the colours start to fade

It’s like they all get sucked away

It’s like there’s no ending

To our emotional rampage


It’s like walking through rain

It’s like trudging through pain

It’s like being trapped in the crossfire

For someone else’s gain


It’s like we are all lost

In someone else’s mind

Fighting a war

That’s being led by the blind


It’s like trying to understand each emotion

That runs down my spine

It’s like trying to understand each commotion

That screams through my mind


It’s like feeling too scared

To let people see

What really going on

Inside me


It’s like staying a lone wolf

Because people just get up and leave

It’s like feeling nothing at all

So no one can emotionally hurt me


It’s like promising yourself

As a child that things will get better

Only to grow up with a broken sense of self

With dreams only to be shattered


It’s like hoping one day

You will be loved

Only to realise

You’ll be cast out anyway


It’s like giving up

That part of yourself

That wants to be loved


Because no matter what you do

Or who you are

It will never be enough


It’s like dismissing

The pain

That seems always to be listed


It’s like not listening

To the blame

That seems always to be twisted



It’s like calmly accepting

What will be

And just settling

On, moving serenely



It’s like embracing the storms

In everyway

And letting go of the old

To send it astray


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