Silenced By Shame

I wake up each day

And ignore the grey

Forever scared

It will send the fog

My way


What you see

And what I see

Are totally different


Because what’s in me

And what I try to be

Doesn’t seem coherent


I want to say what’s going on

But I don’t want to ruin

Us getting along


It’s like my brains

Screams one thing

And my body screams



It’s like one shouts insane

And the other shouts

Take cover


The wolfs excited

Here comes the

The one year anniversary

But I try to hide it

And it’s haunting adversary


Don’t let anyone in

That’s what I learnt

As throughout existing

I just end up getting hurt


This illness isn’t mine

It was drilled into me

Throughout time


So why am I carrying it?

Why do I have to fight it?

I didn’t ask

To be lumbered with it


Still picking up the pieces

From someone else’s

Mental rage


Hopefully now they’ll leave me

Hopefully now they’re satisfied

Till the end of days

With their peace of mind



It seemed to last forever

And the extent

They would go

To ruin me



It showed me

A side of life scarier than



No heroes

No saviours

You’re on your own

Kid I’ll see you later


A reoccurring theme

That runs through my destiny


Sending me a Depression

That brought me to my knees


While a being kicked

Me down harder

With a passion for giving




By emotional



No I’m resistant

To let people know

If I need assistance


I don’t want to be the person

That the label brings

If I worsen

I’ll just keep it

Tucked within


Because the voice of shame

Shouts louder then

The emotional pain


Talk to me when

You’re not okay

But negativity

Pushes people away


So I’m scared to say

If I’m struggling in

The grey


Society warns people

That the mentally different are dangerous

That we should treat these people

As strangers and not our neighbours


Out casted by our own race

Might as well shoot us

Down in that case


So I will

Deal with this myself

People want to help

They care for my health


But the voice of shame

Continues its silencing



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