What Now?

Life is one way

And the other way

Is grey


Breaking apart storms

That always seem to ricochet

Into the dawn


It’s like life

Is Gods game

And we’re here

To be mocked


So we brave substances

That alleviate

This worlds grudges

And this over world shock


We can’t always save

The people

That are taken by the sea


We can’t always help

The people

That just want to be

Left to be


We can’t always stop

The pain

That others feel


We can’t always leave

The past

That brings the scars

Into our reality


We can’t always love

The people

That hurt us



And we can’t always be




There are times

When the disheartened

Feeling takes its tole


And depression looms in

During the darker times

Of a grieving soul


So don’t hold our hands

As we walk towards

The bitter cold


Let us leave, let us go

As society looks

On through their tainted



So as

Those howls

Call us in


In our minds

The darkness

Always seems

To win


You can’t save everyone

That’s what the world



And the frustration

That it brings

Just brings

A prolonged sting


But as the dreary months

Just seem to cast on over

As one’s life is just

Seems to get lower


But then something



And the hard work

That takes ages


Seems to take

You somewhere


Its pace

Takes us places


And what we dreams of

And anticipated

Seems to be waiting for us

To grab and share


And when we look


And wonder


We wonder

If life off track

With its plunder


Was a sign

That things needed

To change

So it took us under

And showed us its hunter


Did we really want to?

Kill ourselves


Was it too

Rid the internal



To destroy

Apart of ourselves

The riot


That just screamed


Then the rest of

Our self

Which was quiet


What are we now?

Where are we?


Are people like me?

Out there?


Is there a place

For people

Like us?


To fit in?

Or are we to turn

To dust?


I guess

No one can know


So for now

I’ll just ride with it

And go where the wind blows



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