The Hidden Sides Of A Shadowed Coin

You know who am

Pity no one else does

I take my vindictive hand

And shroud them in darkness


Don’t think they’ll understand

I’ve gained their trust

I’ve manipulated them

So it’s now you vs us


I’m many sides of the same coin

Polar opposites but somehow conjoined

And people only see

The side I want them to see


One side is to deceive

The other to make them believe

One sides a decoy, this Hydes

The other side that destroys


Abusive what are you talking about?

Manipulative oh come on now

No one will believe you

As I’ll project that character

Onto you


Make people believe

You’re the plague

Causing the outrage

And assure that

They take that

Lie straight to your grave


Because it’s never me

Sweet little old me

I could never bring one to their knees

While unleashing years of misery


So call me the puppet master

A ventriloquist martyr

Give me all!!! Control


Or I’ll become your worst nightmare

Here on forever after

Under my!!! Tight hold


Whisper poison into

Your loved ones ears

I’ll make them hate you

For long painful years


Plead all you like

You’re voiceless here

I’m playing the victim

So time to outcast you dear


You’re powerless to stop me

Once I send you astray

As once you’re gone

I’ll keep it my way


Convince them I’m right

As all they can hear is my side

As since you’re out of sight

You can’t state otherwise


But shhhhh

Don’t try to speak up

Because I will unleash

The corrupt


This is my game

This is my world

And you are my slaves

You are here on my terms


If I don’t get what I want

I will ruin you

I don’t care about your feelings

Or you emotional wellbeing


I don’t care that I damage

People with my hostile dealings

I will go on a rampage

And I won’t stop screaming


I am the victim

I am in control

I want the power

And I will even sell your soul


And if you upset me

I will punish you

I will ruin and sabotage thee

And make them rue


I will do things

That will leave people

In disbelief

When you confess everything


But most of all

When you think

It can’t get worse


I will turn it around

And convince other’s that

It’s you that’s the curse


I keep your beloved people

Who you treasure as my possessions

And you will be rejected

With a beaten in Depression


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