I Will Stay At Your Distance

I can’t chose what

You put me through

But I can chose

If I stay close to you


I can’t change the pain

I can’t change the resentment

I can’t change the deep rooted blame

I can’t change the discontentment


I can’t be the person you want

Because you’re convinced I’m someone else

I can’t be the person that’s lost

Because it’s always the same old protest


It’s the same old pattern

It’s the same old game

Where a family gets shattered

But the wrong person gets the blame


An abusive cycle

Where people get hurt

Just a downward spiral

With dangerous outbursts


It’s the survival of the cruellest

It’s the survival of the heartless

It’s the survival of the merciless

It’s the survival of the darkest

No loving atmosphere

No happily ever after

Just daunting fear

With sadness and departure


Where the closest

Aren’t to be trusted

And the most loved

Attack the hardest


You’ll be discarded

You’ll be pushed away

But only on their terms

Will you be allowed back

After their rancour rage


But there comes a times

Where you stay at the distance

Don’t let them back in

Because there is no gentle Coexistence


Don’t reach for the open hand

From the people that will outcast you

To show weakness will make you damned

With insidious sides that will turn on you


So I will let you

Push me away

But it is there

I will stay


Each time you force me back

Each time you reject and kick me down

Each time you kick me of track

Each time you outcast and throw me around


I will stay at that distance

I will let you push me further

There will be no insistence

To bond back closer


Those days are gone

And the painful life has left

I’m still moving on

With a past that haunts me during rest


You will always be loved

But your vile hand print

Has stained my heart enough


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