This Distance


The ghost of me

Doesn’t seem to go

My life that’s been

Seems so long ago


But my heart

Still thunders

And it starts so soft

But then gets harder


And the pounding

Gets louder

The noise is outstanding

With no surrender


The pain screams

Down my veins

And the scene

In my head screams shame




It starts off quiets

But then slams back down






The storm

Starts swirling

And my breathing

Starts hurting


And the terror


I scream get better

But the fear doesn’t end


Take one tablet

Then take another

But nothing seems to happen

It’s just one constant disaster


Make it stop

Make it run

Relieve the lot

I’m exhausted and done


It’s like screaming through


Where no one can hear you


It’s like crying in


From a voiceless view


You throw a stone

Into the pond

But ignore the fact

That the ripples travel on


It affects me

It affect you

So why can’t you just see?

That you’re hurting me too


You chose to fade away

You chose to cast me out

You chose to use me for play

You chose to lash out


So now accept the distance

That is now displayed

So now accept my resistance

To play in your games


Your twisted truth

Is not allowed in my life

You have no proof

That I’m telling lies


Your hands tainted

With dark tar

Is invasive

Even from afar


Colour me in grey

That’s okay

Let those believe

The manipulative words you say

But not on your terms

Not on anyone’s

Will I let you return

With your psychotic shot gun


I can’t return to

Your blinded abuse

Which pushes me away

Leaving you confused


You’ve taken so much

Just have it all

As under your painful clutch

Is where I will fall


You can have it all your way

Let them believe everything you say


But I’ve told you once before

Stay away from me

Because you chose to close that door


And I have no intention

In trying anymore

I’ve learnt my lesson

Have you learnt yours?


That ruining others

Doesn’t fill holes or soothe sores

Did you fucking stutter?

When you said “you’re not welcome here



No you didn’t

So keep to that statement

And say good reddens

To my displacement


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