I Hope It’s Enough


I don’t want hurt anyone
I don’t want to leave a mark
I don’t want to leave with the sun
I don’t want to break a heart
I don’t want to leave an impression
That I don’t want to stay
I don’t want to ruin expectation
That I don’t turn things grey
I don’t want my past to follow me
Even though it’s alive in my mind
I don’t want my scars to haunt me
Even though they give off a bad sign
I don’t want to Ignite a fire
I don’t want to spark fright
I don’t want to turn things dire
I don’t want to spark a fight
I don’t want to give off this energy
It’s just been drilled into me
I don’t want to people to be weary
It’s just been sealed into me
I look rough
Because lifes rough
I’m not tough
Because livings tough
I’m this way because those I loved
Walked out on me
I’m this way because those I loved
Disowned and discarded me
So it’s in me
And I don’t blame you
For seeing it
But Gently
I’m going to try
And get rid of it
I don’t mean to be
The person society
Warns you about
And I can see
The fear towards me
That feels souls with doubt
A tainted handprint
Given to me
As a child
A bruised avoid her scar
That can be read
For miles
Trying to be something more
But with one touch
People get hurt
Trying to not be the cause
But my love
Makes people worse
I was closed off
For years
Staying lost
Didn’t cause others tears
I don’t reach out
Because I don’t want to be the
I just feel doubt
Because I don’t want to seem
Messed up
To be the person
Society warns you of
Is enough to quiet your song
A hidden pain leaving one lost
I’m no prince charming
I’m a mess from the streets
I’m not a mentally well being
I’m a battered and scarred sheep
It’s hard to open up
Because vulnrebility was attacked
It’s been so corrupt
Watching loved ones turn their back
But my grandma
once told me
That I have a heart
The size of mercury
It cares about others
It loves like no other
It hates seeing beings suffer
And it would do the best for another
I just hope this small aspect
Is enough
To allow you and the rest
To love
It isn’t much
But it’s all for you
It’s not gold dust
But its honest and true
I just hope its strong
To see us through

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