Hands Full Of Silver

With my heart full of gold

And my hands full of silver

Is how I’m walking this world

Learning to be a wounded healer


Counselling has taught me

A new way of life

Which helped me to see

A new kind of light


Left on my own

To drag my feet

Across darkened roads

And Depression’s defeat


One minute wanted

And then the next dropped

Till this day haunted

And worried I’ll become lost


But I got a beating heart

Which ticks each day

Turning pain into laughter

And rolling the days away


Rocking my bracelets up my arm

And meditating into calm

I could do a lot more work

But that can wait another day I heard


My life was dark and going down

But a girl walked in and pushed away the hound

She shares my smiles

And for me walks the extra mile


She replaced my cigarettes

With her gentle hand

And replaced my alcohol

With a love that’s undammed


And for the first time

Saw that my Mother is missing out

Since I can’t show her this girl that’s mine

A girl who is amazing inside out


But I have those charms you gave to me

And she now has the other half

It’s a shame you’ll never be able to see

So I’ll just see those charms as your blessing for us


Because there were days

Where your illness would win

And others where you were okay


But I kept those charms

In the moment you had love for me

Our lives were hard

But those charms help me believe

That you even you could be happy for me


So on my wrist I wear mine

And on her wrist she wears hers

Just to help remind

That deep down you’re not just a complete abuser



She met my Dads

And she met my sisters

And they were all glad

That I’m happy with her


Even my Grandma agreed

That’s she’s so good for me

And all that my friends say

Is that she’s just so lovely


She holds my hand through

The rough

And keeps my eczema at bay


So I say I’ve got you

And hope it’s enough

To keep you another day


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