Home Is Where The Heart Is

If I had a home

I would make it permanent

Never alone

And I’d be allowed in it


No more packing up

And leaving

No more running away as such

No more grieving


No more you’re not

Wanted here

No more feeling lost

In fear


No more getting too comfortable

In a space, I don’t belong

No more trouble

No more be gone


No more of my mind

Interpreting things wrong

Because I can go inside

And remain strong


Without a worry

I can stay

Because I miss thee

And being there is okay


No more almost a home

No more pain

And forced to roam


No more alone

No more insane

And forced to go


I don’t belong anywhere

The moment I start to settle

And told to not be there


A message from

The universe

The story of my life


A lifelong


To keep on walking the night


Don’t share

Or you’ll cause



Where is my home

Mother Nature

Where do I go?


Mother earth

Where do I stay

What am I worth?


I pray to you

As one druid should

I’m at peace too

With your beings made of wood


But I’m becoming distant

I am feeling rejected

Although resistant

I feel defeated


I wear your creations

Around me

But am I a manifestation

To thee?


To the lord in the sky

Are you still watching over me?

Do you hear the prayers of mine?

Are you still listening to me?


Is there a place for me?

Out there?

Will I be seen?



For each mountain

Has its ground

And each fountain

Has its sound


For each tree

Has it’s soil

Where it’s roots

Settle and coil


For each herd

Has its grassland

And each bird

Has its marshland


Each being

Has its place

So where do I belong

Where’s my place


They say

Home is where

The heart is

But mine got broken

Along the way


But in my grey

Home is where you’re


And told

To go away


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