Ancestors Curse

Average life

Average ways

According to other eyes

And to what they say


There is a sign

That always starts to brew

A repeating of times

A curse falling through


I hear her cries

She comes to my side

As I can see to the other

Into the other side


A breathe of sorrow

An eternity in purgatory

There is no tomorrow

It’s the end of their story


She made mistakes

And her daughter did the same

A bloodline of hate

And a passing on of the blame


Who let the let the past

Watch the future

Who let their overcast

Paint our picture


Who let the spirits

Walk into our door

Am I the witness?

If so, what for?


Change your ways

Or end up the same

If you ignore and stay

You will turn insane


Her hopes and regrets

Are passed through

A whisper


Do not be what

I was also abused into

Not at any cost

Did I wish this for you


Do not become what I


Do not succumb to life long



I remain here

Because I still want

My girls together


But it’s clear

That is not to be



I know you can see me

You have done for years

Now please just hear me

Please save an old woman from fears


It is a vicious cycle

That runs through the family

It starts with denial

And ends in insanity


I can see that now

And the trauma

It creates


But it’s too late now

I am no longer

In living state


But you’re still here

Please don’t become

What I couldn’t help


Let go of fear

It’s easier said than done

But help yourself


You cannot change the past

And you cannot change them

Life goes so fast

Please bring the cycle to the end


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