Stay There


Sitting here

About to lose my mind
It’s getting worse
And I’m showing every sign
One tear is follwed
By a waterfall
One fear is followed
By the unbearable
Like an exposed
Raw nerve ending
About to implode
And just cave in
One emotion
Then the next
With all the pain
I can’t detest
Step back
Common ground
Accept that
Hollow chest
Filled with anguish
Don’t confess
In written language
The love
And attatchment
Remember the last
If things go wrong
Life goes on
Forget it now
It’s all gone
Is that pain
Is it the same
From when you were younger?
Dying for emotional
But feeling detrimental
One day here
Next day gone
As if you were nothing
Just an echoing song
Take back those
Put way your vulnrebility
Don’t let people close
Or in
Just protect yourself emotionally
If pushed away
Stay there
Let them shut you out
And next time be aware
The problem may be
From you
But it will be easier for thee
To pull through

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