Drunken “Sonnet”

As you spread

Your wings to take flight
I’m stitching mine back
On after a long fight
You dream into the sky
With hope and modesty
But my nightmares lie
Like stones inside of me
You’re encouraged on
As your fleeing the nest
But I have outcast, scarred upon
My anxious breath
You have passion
And wonder glimmering
In your eyes
But I have destruction
And pain simmering
Behind my sighs
You have big dreams
And inspiration
Which I can see
From your determination
But you gaze
At my gentle dream
Of stability
Working towards
A safer life
Seems to cause
People strife
Always being
Pestered to change
People just keep repeating
Their way to gain
I loved my humour
But had to lose it
To please another
Don’t do this
Don’t be that
Critical of this
Ridicual that
Slowly losing myself
And feeling isolated
From my own health
I become dissociated
My mind reaps
The negative
And in heaps
Becomes expressive
It’s like I can’t escape
From my own
Mental narrative
But I leave it to fate
To know
What’s happening
It’s like my
Wins everytime
That I’m not
Good enough
To call you mine
What do I do
I’m trying my hardest
To keep you
From scum
And bad habits
From fun
And plain madness
I’m changing
For the better
Patience fading
I can tell
But I will get there
I hold my morals
From a darker place
But it helps me
To create the theraputic space
Just trust me
And accept
That these
Are for the best
No understanding
By hurt withstanding
To heal it
Just close your eyes
And picture my terror
That will haunt my life
For now and forever
I’m trying to change
Please just wait
It’s hard to arrange
My life to a clean state
I love you
Please hear
These words
My English hue
Don’t fear
It’s curse
If I could wish
Upon a spell
To be what
You need
It would be bliss
With all is well
And I’d stop
My dark deeds
But I’m only human
I’m not perfect
But I will work hard
Because your worth it
Over time I’ve gotten
I’m no longer rotten
Now we’re together
Just understand
My English ways
And you’ll be certain
I’ll learn German one day

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