Only For An Hour

I don’t want to be here

I’m sick of breathing
I’m sick of fear
All I’m doing is grieving
Every moment
I wish was my last
Every footstep
Feels like glass
The pain is unreal
Yet I feel nothing
I’m just trying to heal
But I can’t stop suffering
Self medicating
With whatever I can find
Fuck meditating
I’ll just drink the wine
Popping painkillers
Like they’re sweets
Take them with tequila
And faint on my sheets
Anything to numb
The pain
Anything to run
From shame
The emotions
Swirling and turning
In my brain
The commotion
Of burning is surging
Through my vains
Nothing makes sense
But everything seems pointless
Death has a stench
And fighting is fruitless
Let the cocodomal
Put me to sleep
I can feel it working now
And in an hour or so
The pain will deplete
It’s temporary, I’m not proud
I just need something
To fill this void
I know it’s passing
Just don’t be annoyed
We’ve all got our
So don’t be sour
It’s not heroin
And it’s only for an hour
Just don’t think
Just don’t feel
Just be still
And let it heal

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