I remember all the times

We’d sit and watch the telly
We’d forget about our crimes
And pretend we were a family
But then one day I realised
You didn’t want me
So stayed up most nights and cried
Until the day you disowned me
I felt like life was so wrong
As Depression cast it’s spell
I stayed in the grey for so long
I didn’t realise my life was the cell
I couldn’t connect with people
So I tried to connect with objects
This turned out to be lethal
So I threw away all my assets
I thought I found love
But it was just another user
Once they’ve taken enough
They leave in one maneuver
At least thats what
Depression says
I just feel so lost
Trying to find my way
My life has taken an empty
And everyone just feels the same
No one really has any
It’s just all one big game
Nothing really matters
In the grand scheme
Of things
The general latter
Just seem
I spend a lot of time Listening
As people start to tell
Yet all I’m really hearing
Is talk focused on themselves
No one seems to get it
Just small talk from blind minds
Everyones talking shit
On how they’re so devine
I don’t seem to care
Everyone around me
Just emits noise
Nothing seems to matter
People are just using speech
As a decoy
My optimism is
Starting to decay
Just leaving bitterness
Realising people just blame
I’m turning into everything
I just wrote about
My emotions are blinding
My mind now
I don’t know anything
I don’t know who to trust
Or what to believe
It all seems so simple in
My mind
I’m trying so hard to be
But I see and understand
A lot more
Then people comprehend
And everything in life
Is due to fade
In the end

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