Do You Remember That Time By The Lake?

We walked by the lake
As I held your hand
I asked you a question that made
You shake
It made you feel grand
Will you be my Grandad?
I asked, in need of a friend
Of course you said
Until the very end
Life wasn’t good
But you were
And you did what you could
And much more
Now years later
After years of being a family
You developed Dementia
And though I see you rarely
When I do
The same worry enters
Your face
Each time we’re together
You always say
Do you remember
The time we were at the lake?
When you held my hand
And asked me to be your grandad?
And I said I’d love to?
Do you still want me to be?
As I reply of course I do
You respond with simply
Please don’t shut me out
Please don’t leave the family
Please don’t have doubts
Please don’t stop talking to me
The worry enters your face
Everytime you see me
This question takes place
Everytime we meet
But each time
With a smile and a hug
I say we’ll always be fine
Don’t worry about such stuff
You’ll always be my Grandad
And I’ll always be your Grandaughter
There’s no need to be sad
Come lets walk by the water

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