Run From The Sun 8 End Of Major Depression


The sun is bright

The sky is blue

I look over and see you


With the dark clouds

In the distance

Just a small thunder sound

That’s not interference


The medication worked

And so did the therapy

The dedication caused the perk

And I feel free


The black hound

Is chained down

The wicked beast

Is unable to feast


No more running

No more escaping

No more fighting

No more shaming


The flowers next to me

Continue to whisper

Well done to thee

You escaped from winter


But continue the meds

The old oak tree said

One tablet a day

Will keep the wolf at bay


I look to the meadow

Which is rich with life

Remembering snow

And decay from that darkened time


No more abuse

No more pain

No more screw loose

No more rain


You’ve come far

The oak tree speaks

Just a few scars

But now a healthy seed


The wolf you fear

Is in the forest

My dear

So lift that weight of your chest


Your bloodline bears the curse

But you can change the fate

Stop it from getting worse

It’s not too late


It’s been a long journey

But now it has a happy ending

It seemed lonely

But you ended up winning


There may be times

Where you can still hear

The howl


But let that be a sign

Not to fear

The sound


Run From The Sun Seven: The Fighting

I walk into the Darkened forest
Where he slumbers
My eyes burning an internal red
From his fights that thunder
The trees are decaying
A metaphor of my brain
That he’s taking
I walk further in
There’s a large circle

Of trees that he resides in
Get out I voice
Get out now
You have no choice
He Rises and stretches
A black beast with sharpened
He rolls his head
And Looks to me
Red haunted eyes
Glaring to see


I will kill you
He whispers
I will kill you


I walk towards him
With a heart of fire
Breathing heavily
In Anger of desire
Good fucking luck
I spit with Anger
Good fucking luck
I shout louder


He elongates
His dark venomous arm
And grabs me by the throat
I gasp in frustrated alarm
As I begin to choke


Good luck he repeats
Good fucking luck?
He swings me around
And violently hurls me against the trees
And loud Breaking sound
Snaps inside of me

He howls as he attacks
And lunges at me
He scratches restlessly
And loud noises ripple
As each blow claws me

Broken and bleeding
I reach into my pocket
I grab my anti-depressant
And smash it across him


He backs away
As his face starts to burn
He backs away
As his face starts to turn


He roars
He thunders


I still lay on the floor
From the hours of brawl
Breathing and bleeding heavily
As my wounds begin to pour


How Dare you!!!

You are mine!!!

You are going to lose

Your time is mine!!!


I will give you despair

I will empty you hollow

I will sabotage your repair

I will place you in pits of sorrow


I will disconnect you

From everyone and everything

Until you have nowhere to go

And life becomes just one long painful sting


I will make life so unbearable

That nothing you will do will heal

I will make life so deplorable

That I will be all you feel


You are not wanted

You are not loved


You are vindictive

And people will soon have enough


God will turn his back on you

People will forget and leave you

Life will be miserable each day through

And no one will be able to help you


I will remind you everyday

Why you were disowned and left

I will remind you everyday

Why the person you’re in love with

Doesn’t want you, you mess!!!


You’re wrong I whisper shakily


I’m what? He states hesitantly


You’re wrong I speak painfully


I’ll show you who’s wrong


He goes to ruthlessly cut deep

But I get my medication

And take it quickly


Shackles of chains grab

His arms, his legs

His neck and head


He leans in

In frustration


With irritation


You’ll get me one day

I stutter

Just not today

He mutters

Run From The Sun Six: Tick Tock

The room is dark
As the night thunders outside
The lightening hits hard
As the storm isn’t to subside
I sit exhausted against my wall
Waiting Anxiously
As I hear the wolf

Good evening
A dark being
Rises in-front of me
What am I seeing
You look bad
Never mind
Because I’m glad

I choke for a breath
And whisper a hello
Now what do you want from me
So then you can go

Oh how sweet
He Slowly grabs my face
His ice cold touch
Stings upon the embrace
I sense a heartbreak
I sense a dying mental state
Looks like all areas of your life
Isn’t going great

Oh I also sense a dodgy ticker
Looks like your time will be
Shortened but your not bitter?

I welcome the Shortened end
I welcome every chest pain
That comes again and again
I speak with resistance

How cute
He pushes my face up
Harder against the wall
I try to resist
But I have no energy to brawl

Looks like the universe
Is on my side now
Looks like there’s no reverse
For you pal

He holds my anti-depressants
In his hand
And starts to crumble it
So it slips through like sand

No love for you
No family
No lover that’s true
Will want you sadly

It’s not working anymore
Is it
You try to tell the Doctor
But he just says persist
With it


I experience the pain in my chest
He snickers to himself
Tic tok and hope for the best
Because one day
You’re going to join me for
An eternal rest

He disappears into a dark shadow
And exits himself out the window

I give off a sigh of relief
With a heightened Anxiety
I feel another chest pain cut deep
Down inside of me

Tick tock Jenny I say to myself
What will come next
Only the universe will know

Run From The Sun Five

I’ve got you don’t worry

I’m grabbed by my friends

We have to go now come on


They’ll get us again

The wolf is gone but the abusers

Are not

So come with us before you are shot

So we run through the meadow

And we hear a gun fire

It’s coming for you

And it’s going to be dire

The being from my past

The one who sent the darkened dog

Is hot on my path

It’s desperate to finish the job

So she holds my hand

And we start running again

Through the land

Away from them

Another gun shot is heard

And my anxiety heightens

My friends spread the word

As we are all frightened

The being has tried to sabotage safe zones

Making them harder to reach

Something I had to experience alone

As one could not be free to speak

It catches up behind us

And it takes hold of people close

It unleashes it’s wrath

And shrouds them in its shadows

It manipulates and feeds them lies

Brain washes them to take control

Listen to no one and believe only I

You belong to me and so does your soul

The being turns them against me

Until it is just a few of us

So we continue desperately

Into the distance

It looks like I’m to fade

So I pray to the lord

And cry for aid

I bellow outwards

And I’m not ignored

Although close behind me

I grab my friends hand

Hurry to that gate

That’s through the land

We race on with an army behind us

The echo of my past

wishes to turn me to dust

It’s not finished yet it wants to continue

Continue with the hurt it put me through

Project, blame and shame me

Disown me from a family

Wreck my future

For it’s own humour

Isolate me and destroy anything I love

Even if I was to die it still wouldn’t be enough

This being won’t be satisfied until I’m hated by all

It needs the fixation of an almighty brawl

To this being people are tools

And Children are weapons

 It won’t back down until it has total control

Until it has it’s own way

That is it’s only goal

To manipulate it’s prey

So I have to abort

And I have to stay away

Because if I’m caught

I will be reinfected with the grey

We head towards the gate

As it’s opened for us

My prayers were heard

And not a moment too late

We dash in

As they close previous opening

The being stands at the gate

And glares at me maliciously

What are you!

I shout

What do you want from me!

Why won’t you stop abusing

Why can’t you leave

It tightens it’s stare


Mr Hyde

It mutters

A shiver scatters up my spine

I am what you call Mr Hyde

I am the curse that runs through your family

I am the Memes that inflict the abuse

I am the creature that wounds you badly

I am the genes that make the screw loose

It sings a twisted nursery rhyme

With a toxicity in every line

Your rain of grey won’t go away

Because I’ll be back another day…

It turns around and slithers off

Taking my friends and family that lost to it’s frost

Friends and family which now only believe the being

Following behind it’s vindictive leading

My friends give me a big hug

You’ve had it rough

They say and express

let’s go to a safe place

And get some rest

Run From The Sun Four

I sit coldly in the shadows

As the howling echoes around me

A decaying beautiful meadow

Of darken forests that surround me

The condensation of my breathe

Is made lit by the blood red moon

It feels like nothing is left

And the beast will hone in soon

Just I feel all hope is lost

The flower twinkles beside me

It whispers to help at all cost

And it lights a path for me to see

Slowly but surely another flower blooms

And I tremble towards it

As it guides me away from the doom

Another after that surely follows

And I follow each one as it guides me towards tomorrow

Little whispers of help

And some have medication

Aiding me in mental health

And a guidance to innovation

I follow the path of glowing flowers

Through the forest of decay

It feels like I’m walking days and hours

But they tell me I will be okay

Come with us we’re here to help

We’ll guide you from the beast

Whose darkness will soon melt

So I stumble towards them

And they counsel me through

Closer to my friends

Who are waiting for me too

Each step gets easier

As the Depression gets sleepier

As the Wolf follows behind me

I take a tablet that hurts He

The dark lonely forest

Starts to fade away

As I escape away from my cornered decay

The green meadows start to show

As a gentle wind blows

Through the Willows

Next to streams which know

Which way to go

But most importantly

I can see the light

That I once tried to block from my life

With darkened curtains

To disdain the outside world

Within my shaded twilight

To run from a sun

That once seemed too grey

To come back to it

Now that I’m okay

My friends who supported me

And were with me all the way

Have now taught me

That I was never left astray

They hold me tight

And I begin to cry

As I gave them a fright

As we thought I would die

But we’re here now

With the sun that’s over us

And we wonder into the distance

Leaving the red eyed raven beast

To lurk back into the desolated dusk

From whence he came in defeat

Run From The Sun 3

As the beast lays weakened
I see a lighted escape
So I ran for it and away from fate
I exit the cave and head to a forest
Of distorted trees with darken decay
Although the beast is needing of rest
He rises again to take me away
I hurry past the black decrepit trees
The branches claw me as I struggle past
I hear him panting as he thunders behind me
Carrying my fears and my broken cast
The woods are thick and the trees are tall
The skies are shading as the sun starts to fall
I find a dead end with no way out
I hear him searching with his snickering snout
The bright full moon glows openly
As he fumbles around searching slowly
He patters away continuing his hunt
With a howl in the distance
That echoes through the trees
The wind whines silently
Whispering to me
With words so faint
That come from he
What are they you say
Well no one can tell
Unless you’re like me
And deemed unwell
I grab the tablet
That the doctor gave me
I hope for the best
And ingest it desperately
I look beside me
To the bud on the tree
And it opens up gently
A beautiful flower
Full of hope
And I sit still beside it
Clutching my coat
While I pray and pray
and pray
For one day to be okay
I sit quietly
And sense the beast of grey
He’s far away
And not too near
He had the grey
In which I fear
People walk past the forest
Of cold trees in disbelief
They can’t see the commotion
Between me and the beast
So here starts my journey
To maximum recovery
Away from his latched on teeth
That gnaws me abhorrently

Run From The Sun Continued

Your in the dark cave

As He ferociously blocks your way

There is no way out

And you’re consumed with self doubt

You scream for help

But all is emitted is a gentle yelp

He’s attacking you from within

And it seems impossible to escape from him

You need help so you frantically scream and shout

But there is a louder noise blocking you escaping His snout

You Attack the Black hazed wolf which dampens your health

Because you can’t mutilate him without damaging your self

People can hear the ruckus and feel the commotion

They get tired of your behaviour and lose their devotion

You feel truly alone fighting this beast

So you start to back down and brokenly meet defeat

But Someone hears you from behind the impermeable walls

And they enter to help you in the unruly brawl

They egg you on and embolden you to stand tall

So you get up and shake

And carry on ignoring the dull ache

They reach out to your friends that care

They come and help you and assure you they’re there

The Doctor whisks in and throws medication into the ring

You take it and The Black dog starts painfully whimpering

Each tablet causes it dismay

As you can see the beast back down

from it’s weakening display

The therapist vacates to you

And strongly stands there

To help guide you through

Days go past and the demon

Is weakening

You stand their after it sprawls onto the floor

Fragmented and distorted with bloody claws

With red eyes open and locked onto you

Realising Pessimistically this fight isn’t to end soon